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LIGHT East Asia was established in 2003 as a platform for training Asian physicians in family medicine. At the time, family medicine was a new concept in many parts of Asia, and this training center granted residents an opportunity to practice western-style family medicine, serve needy populations and practice English in a context emphasizing the whole person. While remaining involved in training physicians, LIGHT East Asia is now also involved in training therapy assistants and social workers with a long-term focus on vulnerable populations. These populations include the elderly in nursing homes, orphans in orphanages and in foster care and children with special needs. HIV care and hospice care are also provided. A newly opened day center seeks to integrate children with special needs and their families more fully into their existing communities and create a unique safe environment where they can thrive and be understood and supported by others experiencing similar challenges.

Shaker is a medical mission training program for East Asians designed to help get the “salt” out to where it can provide the most “savor.” With both online and on-site in East Asia programs, Shaker focuses on training for sustainability and fruitfulness. Short-term medical mission trips supplement didactic grounding in foundational missiological principles, medical and spiritual mentoring and specialized training in international medicine. Though the attrition rate is high, East Asian medical personnel want to take light into the darkest places of the earth. Graduates of the Shaker program are already serving in Pakistan, western East Asia, and Japan while others are preparing to deploy.

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The Bethany Clinic in northern Myanmar is an outreach of The Wesleyan Church of Myanmar. The clinic was established in 1997 with the goals of providing interdenominational and low-cost healthcare, increasing health literacy of the community through health education, and when possible, conducting free medical outreach programs. Serving the medical needs of Wesleyan congregations and the public throughout the region, The Bethany Clinic provides outpatient primary care and specialty services, surgeries and inpatient care. The clinic is fully staffed by Burmese physicians and nurses. While the clinic is mostly self-sustaining, donations help with equipment purchases, indigent care and construction projects.

Papua New Guinea

Wesleyan Health

Wesleyan Health Services in Papua New Guinea has been offering healing and care in Jesus name for over 50 years. Much of this care takes place at the Fugwa and Waposali Health Centres in the central part of the country. With over 500 inpatients and 12,000 outpatient visits per year, Wesleyan Health Services plays a significant role in healthcare in Papua New Guinea. Much of the care happens in remote areas of the country through Village Health Assistants, tireless volunteers who help with community health education, village births, immunizations and much more.

Don and Cheri Floyd are long-term missionaries in Papua New Guinea that help support Wesleyan Health Services. Meeting there as volunteers in 1989, they were married in 1991 and have been serving there full time since. They are passionate about community development, including health, education, access to technology, and clean water projects.

Don and Cheri


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