Project Country Giving Need
Tin Roofs for Africa (DRC & Burundi) Burundi
French School of Missionaries (Francophone) Africa
African Wesleyan University (Initial Registration Costs) Africa
Kenya National Ministry Shares Kenya
eSwatini (Swaziland) National Ministry Shares eSwatini
Equatorial Guinea National Ministry Shares Equatorial Guinea
Uganda National Ministry Shares Uganda
Burkina Faso National Ministry Shares Burkina Faso
Ghana National Ministry Shares Ghana
Democratic Republic of Congo National Ministry Shares Democratic Republic of Congo
Zambia National Ministry Shares Zambia
Southern Africa National Ministry Shares Southern Africa
Sierra Leone National Ministry Shares Sierra Leone
Mozambique National Ministry Shares Mozambique
Liberia National Ministry Shares Liberia
Noah’s Ark Orphanage — Uganda Uganda
Medical Clinics – Uganda Uganda
Farming Program – Uganda Uganda
Evangelism Project – Uganda Uganda
Wesleyan Divine Radio (WDR) — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Mission to The Gambia Sierra Leone
The Fortress Ministry — eSwatini eSwatini
Zimba Mission Hospital Replacement Batteries for Solar Electrical System – Zambia Zambia
Zimba Mission Hospital: Maternal Child Health, Nutrition, and Anti-Retroviral Therapy Departments Building Project Zambia
Mozambique Outreach to Malawi Mozambique
Uganda: Chickens for Poverty Alleviation Uganda
Bible School Operations Fund — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Ugandan Training Scholarships Uganda
College on Wheels (COW) — Mozambique Mozambique
GPHN Medical Fund – Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Ministry Motorbikes Ghana
Zimba Hospital Chaplain Program — Zambia Zambia
Xai Xai Bible College Scholarships (Mozambique) Mozambique
Zambia Medical Ministries Zambia
Nampula Church Planting — Mozambique Mozambique
Audio Scriptures — Mozambique Mozambique
Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College (EWBC) Scholarship Fund — eSwatini eSwatini
Scholarships for Converted Muslim Children — Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Liberia Bible College Scholarships Liberia
Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College Scholarships — Zambia Zambia

Retired pastors, middle-aged doctors, young professionals. We are never too old nor too young to join Christ in his pursuit of people’s hearts.